WARNING - Target Market Determination 

WARNING – Target Market Determination 

You have requested an application form for a registered managed investment scheme. A Target Market Determination (TMD) is available on this website in respect of this Fund.

You should read the TMD to understand if the financial product is likely to be consistent with your objectives, financial situation or needs. When applying to invest in a Fund you may be asked a series of questions to assist OIG in determining if you are likely to be in the target market for that Fund. You should consider obtaining personal financial product advice before progressing with your application.

If you answer a question in a manner that suggests may not be within the Target Market for the Fund, we may still process your application but subsequently email you to let you know you should (a) review the TMD, (b) Review the PDS and (c) Seek personal financial advice from a financial adviser, stockbroker or other investment professional. 

Failing to answer a question in an application form or answering a question in a way that may indicate you are not within the target market for that Fund, may delay or prevent the processing of your application. This delay may mean that if you do proceed with your application the issue price you pay for the product may be different to the one you were expecting.  Alternatively, in some cases your application may not be accepted and any application money you pay, will be returned to you without interest. 

In providing the TMD and considering your answers to questions in the application form, no One Investment Group entity or representative has considered your personal objectives, financial situation or needs and this conduct does not constitute personal advice.