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The investment manager for the Landen Funds is Landen Funds Management Pty Ltd ACN 651 892 152 (CAR 001292417) (Landen). The interests in the Landen Funds ARSN 653 001 015 (Fund) offered under the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) dated 14 October 2022 and the relevant Specific Product Disclosure Statement (SPDS) are issued by One Managed Investment Funds Limited ACN 117 400 987 AFSL 297042 (OMIFL) in its capacity as responsible entity of the Fund (Responsible Entity).

The Fund is an unlisted registered managed investment scheme which operates as a master feeder fund. The Fund intends to establish a new wholly owned sub fund (Specific Investment Fund) which will lend to a development project identified by the Investment Manager and detailed in a SPDS.

These will be offered as Units in a Class referrable to each Specific Investment Fund. The PDS for Landen Funds, sets out the general terms that apply to all offers.

You can select to obtain exposure to any available Specific Investment Fund which align with your personal needs, objectives and circumstances.  The investments offered are actively managed and have been procured by the Investment Manager. Upon selection of a Specific Investment Fund, you are issued a Class of Units which is referrable to that Specific Investment Fund.

The objective of the Fund is to provide indirect exposure to loan investment opportunities with access to periodic income through debt, equity or hybrid investments for a fixed duration. Each investment is intended to have a 2 year time horizon.

Investment outcomes, including the rate of return, duration and capital security of funds invested in a Class of Units are isolated and exposed to each Specific Investment Fund.

Therefore, you should carefully consider the key features of a Specific Investment Fund in the relevant SPDS as it will have direct effect on your investment.


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