Adamantem Capital Fund I

The Adamantem Capital Fund I (the Fund) was established to invest in mid-market private equity expansion and buyout opportunities throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Adamantem Capital Pty Ltd (the Manager) is the investment manager and advisor of the Fund. The investment team have over 30 years’ experience in Australian private equity and invest with conviction behind clear and well researched value creation opportunities. The Manager has also created the Adamantem Capital Advisory Council to help increase the effectiveness of the management team in sourcing, evaluating and managing investments.

The Manager believes that prevailing economic conditions and investment market structures make the target fund size of $600 million and target investment size of $100m – $500m a compelling opportunity. In particular, it is believed that the target market segment is under-penetrated in Australia and New Zealand relative to other developed market economies, therefore limiting competition and presenting an attractive investment prospect.

Specifically, the investment strategy is to pursue investments which have the following attributes:

  • A detailed, credible plan focused on a defined number of levers to improve the medium term financial performance of the opportunity;
  • The valuation of the potential opportunity offers an attractive risk/return profile for the Fund having regard to all the relevant circumstances including allowing an appropriate margin of safety;
  • The Manager believes it can achieve sufficient influence over relevant stakeholders such as senior management, the board of directors and other shareholders to successfully implement the plan; and
  • There are viable opportunities for the Fund to realise its investment at an appropriate point.

Numerous members of One Investment Group act as trustee for a number of managed investment schemes which, combined with a VCLP, constitute the Fund. Members of One Investment Group also act as the administrator, registrar and custodian for the Fund.

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