Sandon Capital Activist Fund

The investment manager for the Sandon Capital Activist Fund is Sandon Capital Pty Ltd ACN 130 853 691.

Sandon Capital is an Australian based activist investment firm. Sandon Capital engages with directors and endeavours to unlock value in undervalued companies by taking a proactive and hands on approach to improving the corporate governance, capital management and strategic direction of the companies the Fund invests in.

The Fund invests in a relatively concentrated portfolio of companies and trusts listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). The overall portfolio number of holdings is generally between 15 to 20 investments, however, 5 to 6 of these positions may represent 50% of the portfolio.

The Fund may use derivatives to hedge risk or to gain investment exposure. The Fund may also short sell and use leverage of up to 150% of the portfolio value.

The Fund’s investment objective is to outperform the 1 month Bank Bill Swap Rate (Benchmark) published by the ASX. Sandon Capital seeks to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for their investors using a combination of their devised activist engagement strategies and deep-value investment philosophy.

This investment is available to wholesale investors only (that is, wholesale clients the Corporations Act defines this).

Additional information about the Fund can be found on the Fund’s website.

Should you have any queries, please contact us on or call us on (02) 8277 0000.