Facility Agent Services

Role of a Facility Agent

A facility agent carries out an administrative role in a syndicated loan facility. The agent acts as the primary point of contact between the borrower and lender and manages all communication and cashflows between the parties. Duties typically include performing calculations, seeking instructions from lenders and arranging meetings.

Facility Agent Services

One Investment Group (OIG) acts as facility agent for numerous structures across a variety of clients including foreign banks, overseas and local hedge funds, corporate borrowers and large commercial and residential developers.

As Facility Agent our role can include undertaking the following key functions:

  • Conditions Precedent – provide sign off that conditions precedent have been met so that funding can be advanced. The Facility Agent would typically act in conjunction with lawyers and senior lenders;
  • Liaison between Borrower and Lenders – be the central point of contact between the borrower and the lenders (as necessary from time to time), for all matters related to the facility;
  • Payments and Funding – attend to all functions relating to the cashflows under the Facility. This includes receipt of funding notices, notification to senior lenders, rate sets, payments and interest and fee calculations and collections.
  • Compliance Reporting – manage all reporting requirements required under the Facility Agreement, including provision of financial statements and certificates of compliance; and
  • Administration including Waivers, Consents and Amendments – in the event that waivers, consents or amendments under or to the Facility documents are required, these are managed by us as Facility Agent. We consult with the Borrower and Lenders as required.

We are also able to act in a combined role as security trustee. Other complementary services we offer include calculation agent, paying agent, custody and escrow services. A full list of our Corporate Trust services can be found here.

For more information about One Investment Group’s Corporate Trust services, please contact us on (02) 8277 0000 or email us at enquiry@oneinvestment.com.au.