Australia’s leading independent provider of Responsible Entity, Trustee, Corporate Trust, Custody, Fund Administration and Registry Services

One Investment Group is an independent funds management business providing professional fiduciary and administration services to investment managers. We operate multiple licensed entities to act as responsible entity and trustee for registered and unregistered managed investment schemes and are currently responsible for in excess of 350 funds and more than $60 billion across a wide range of underlying asset classes.

One Investment Group’s subsidiaries are uniquely positioned to provide investment managers with a complete outsourcing solution or alternatively provide a single service in a personalised and cost-effective manner. Whether you are a boutique fund manager or an established global player, our team has the practical expertise to provide a service that supports your strategic objectives.

Our clients include Australian and global listed companies, sovereign wealth funds, banks, insurance companies, pension funds, private equity firms and boutique managers. One Investment Group is not a fund manager and we are committed to working alongside and growing, not competing, with our clients.

About One Investment Group

Established in 2009, One Investment Group is a leading independent Australian funds management business specialising in responsible entity, trustee, corporate trustee, custodian services and fund administration services.

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In the managed funds industry
$ Billion
Invested in superannuation (pension) funds
$ Billion
Invested in public offer (retail) unit trusts
$ Billion
Invested in life insurance corporations
$ Billion
Invested in SIV complying investments
$ Billion
Total assets under custody as at December 2021
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