Australia’s leading independent provider of Responsible Entity, Trustee, Corporate Trust, Fund Administration and Custody Services

One Investment Group is an independent funds management business specialising in providing Responsible Entity, Trustee, Custody and Administration services. One Investment Group is responsible for in excess of 200 funds and $25bn in a wide range of underlying asset classes including infrastructure, real estate, equities, fixed income, private equity and fund of funds. One Investment Group is not a fund manager and we do not compete with our clients, we work alongside numerous external investment managers. Our clients include global and Australian listed companies, sovereign wealth funds, banks, insurance companies, pension funds, private equity firms and boutique managers. A selection of our clients can be found at the bottom of the page.

We are licensed to act as Responsible Entity or Trustee, allowing us to act on behalf of registered and unregistered managed investment schemes, including responsibility for scheme constitutions, administration, compliance and adherence to legislative and regulatory requirements. We provide custody services to retail and wholesale managed investment schemes. We also provide accounting and registry services to both funds and companies.

One Investment Group is unique in that its subsidiaries are able to provide investment managers with a complete outsourcing solution or alternatively provide a single service working alongside external service providers or the existing Responsible Entity/Trustee.

Managed Funds

Cash/Credit Funds

A cash fund is a managed investment scheme that aims to provide competitive returns relative to a benchmark investing in low-risk high liquidity cash or cash equivalents such as short-term government bonds and bank bills. Credit funds can take multiple forms with varying focuses. The underlying component of a credit fund is that the fund is taking a view on exposure to certain counterparties credit.

Equity Funds

Equity funds are managed funds which invest primarily in equities or companies and can invest into listed or unlisted equities. Managed funds, also known as unit trusts, allow investors to pool their money with others, thus enabling them to invest in assets and markets that may be difficult to access individually. One Investment Group provides services to a wide range of equity funds.

Funds of Funds

A fund of funds is an investment strategy that deploys capital in to a portfolio of other funds rather than investing directly into stocks, bonds, property or other securities. More simply, a fund of funds is any fund that pools capital and uses two or more sub managers to invest that capital. For this reason, a fund of funds is often referred to as a multi-manager investment.

Property Funds

Members of the One Investment Group act as the responsible entity/trustee for in excess of 100 property funds or funds whose primary investments are interests in other property funds. The funds we act as responsible entity/trustee for include single asset funds and multiple asset funds. We also provide custody, registry and fund administration services to many fund managers across all property types.

Industry Insight

Billion in the managed funds industry
Billion invested in superannuation (pension) funds
Billion invested in public offer (retail) unit trusts
Billion invested in life insurance corporations
Million has been invested in SIV complying investments
Billion Total Assets under Custody as at December 2017
SIV Visas granted