Oracle Fixed Interest Fund

The Oracle Fixed Interest Fund (the Fund) was established to provide investors with exposure to selected credit (income) securities, with the aim of providing a stable income stream, and some moderate capital growth.

The Fund aims to outperform its benchmark (Bloomberg Ausbond Credit 0+ Yr Index) on an annual basis. This is achieved by investing in a range of credit securities including government bonds, term deposits, secured debt instruments, senior unsecured debt instruments, subordinated debt instruments and hybrid securities / capital notes.

One Managed Investment Funds Limited ACN 117 400 987 is the responsible entity of the Fund. The Responsible Entity holds AFS Licence no. 297042.

The Responsible Entity has appointed Oracle Investment Management Pty Ltd ABN 15 149 971 808 AFSL 430574 (Oracle) as the manager of the Fund.

Oracle is a boutique investment manager that provides innovative investment solutions for individuals, families and superannuation funds that are seeking to build their wealth.

Oracle specialises in the active management of equity and fixed income portfolios. Oracle follows an active, high-conviction investing philosophy, combined with a bottom-up growth investment process. The Oracle team applies growth, quality, and valuation tests to companies, while positioning their investment style towards quality businesses that display sound growth opportunities.

Oracle focuses on the long-term prospects of a business, rather than the day to day gyrations that occur in the market on a regular basis. Its experienced investment team have developed a proprietary approach to scouring the markets for the best investment opportunities, with the aim of providing investors with attractive investment returns.

Oracle was established in 2012. It has been managing model portfolios since January 2014 and has in excess of $530 million of funds under management. Peter Durbin, the Managing Director of Oracle has been managing clients’ investments since 1986.

You can download a copy of the Product Disclosure Statement and Additional Information Booklet (along with the Application Form) from this page.

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