Specialist Residential Property Impact Fund

The Specialist Residential Property Impact Fund (Fund) has been established to invest in a portfolio of high-quality specialised residential property assets for inclusion and operation in the Australian federal Government’s Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) scheme.

The objective of the Fund is to provide regular distributions to Investors and to protect and grow your capital. In doing so it seeks to deliver quantifiable social impacts, as measured by the number of people with disabilities that are able to move from less suitable accommodation settings, and/or enjoy independent living for the first time as a result of investments made by the Fund. The Fund may not be successful in achieving its target distribution rate or regular distributions.

With the Government having legislated 20-year funding lines to support their target of seeing enough new properties registered into the SDA scheme to support the accommodation needs of around 12,000 SDA Participants, the Fund has been established as an open-ended fund to enable it to further grow its portfolio, with the objective of emerging as a leader in the provision of SDA property. Whilst the Fund is currently closed for new investment it is planned to reopen again.

The Fund adopts a conservative approach to capital management and normally debt (if any) will range from 0-15% of the Fund’s gross assets at the time of borrowing, but at times the Fund may borrow up to a maximum of 50% of the Fund’s gross assets at the time of borrowing. Where debt is used it will be used selectively to fund investments and capital expenditure where appropriate.