MFEG Real Estate Credit Fund

The MFEG Diversified Real Estate Credit Fund (Fund) was established to provide investors access with regular monthly income and capital stability through exposure to a diversified portfolio of loans secured by real estate. The fund targets and annualised return of 6-6.5% above the 90 Day Bank Bill Swap Rate (BBSW), paid monthly in arrears net of fees and expenses.

The investment manager for MFEG Diversified Real Estate Credit Fund is MFEG Investment Management Pty Ltd ABN 20 665 594 794, part of Melbourne Finance and Equity Group, a boutique private credit, investment management, and corporate debt advisory business with an experienced management team and a strong record of sourcing and managing credit transactions.

The Fund is an unregistered Australian managed investment scheme. 

The fund invests in selected private credit investments (underlying investments) secured by first and second mortgages and managed by vetted fund managers (underlying fund managers).

The benefits the fund aims to provide to investors are access to a diversified portfolio of carefully selected and vetted real estate credit transactions and enhanced returns from origination fees charged to borrowers on directly sourced opportunities.

Additional information about the Fund can be found on the managers website

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