Property Funds

Members of the One Investment Group act as the responsible entity/trustee for in excess of 40 property funds or funds whose primary investments are interests in other property funds. The funds we act as responsible entity/trustee for include single asset funds and multiple asset funds.

The property classes One Investment Group members have acted as responsible entity/trustee for include industrial, rural and commercial. One Investment Group members also act as trustee/responsible entity for property securities funds. In addition to acting as responsible entity or trustee, members of the One Investment Group act as Custodian, Fund Administrator or Registrar for various additional property funds.

One Investment Group has numerous investment/property managers that are appointed to manage the underlying assets in the property funds. As the fund’s responsible entity/trustee, we are responsible for the compliance and governance of the fund. Our primary functions include:

  • Producing offer documents
  • Overseeing investment decisions
  • Adhering to legislative and regulatory requirements
  • Custody services
  • Management of external service providers
  • Scheme administration
  • Fund and unit accounting
  • Registry services

One Investment Group is able to provide a comprehensive solution including Responsible Entity or Trustee, Custodian, Registrar and Fund Administrator or, alternatively, we are able to provide standalone services. One Investment Group has a diversified team with deep experience in developing solutions for clients both seeking to launch property funds and clients operating existing property funds.

For further information on selected property funds that members of the One Investment Group act as trustee/responsible entity, please click on the investors tab at the top of the page or hover your mouse over the “Investors” tab until the dropdown menu appears then hover your mouse over the “Property Funds” option.

Should you be interested in establishing a new property fund or are contemplating outsourcing some of the functions of an existing property fund, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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