Quintet Partners Fund I

Quintet Partners Fund I (the Fund) was established to generate outperformance by identifying and investing in private equity and strategic equity opportunities.

The Fund has a broad investment mandate to generate a minimum return of 15% per annum, achieved by taking a multi-sector approach, investing across listed and unlisted opportunities both within Australia and globally.

The core focus of the Fund will be:

  • Unlisted companies or ventures below $200m, particularly those without access to traditional sources of capital where a meaningful investment can be made;
  • Australian opportunities in sectors likely to experience medium term secular growth, such as education, agriculture, aquaculture, tourism, infrastructure services, technology and financial service;
  • Unlisted real estate developments with downside protection through debt like characteristics, targeted towards alternative asset classes (e.g. storage or data centres) which are under-represented; and
  • Investment size to be targeted towards 5-20% of the total fund size.

Consequential to the illiquid and unlisted nature of the target investments, redemptions will not be made available over the life of the Fund.

The Manager

The Fund is managed by Quintet Partners (the Manager), who’s investment approach is to support businesses where there is a clear strategy to create value for stakeholders. The Manager is led by Douglas Farrell who has extensive business and private investment experience in the areas of investment banking, listed board directorships, senior executive and professional legal roles.

Members of the One Investment Group acts as registrar and administrator for the Fund.

Should you have any queries, please contact us on enquiries@oneinvestment.com.au or call us on (02) 8277 0000.