Significant Investor Visa Funds

The Australian Federal Government’s Significant Investor Visa program allows high net worth individuals to apply for permanent residency in Australia by investing into a complying investment

The Significant Investor Visa fund is designed to attract overseas investment and provide a streamlined pathway to permanent residency in Australia for business people from around the world.

Under the terms of the visa, applicants must:

  • Submit an expression of interest via SkillSelect (an online service)
  • Be nominated by a State or Territory government
  • Make investments of at least $5 million into complying investments
Significant Investor Visa Services cover image

One Investment Group has been involved in the establishment and ongoing operation of numerous Significant Investor Visa funds. We are able to provide a range of services to help facilitate Significant Investor Visa structures:

In addition to these services, we are able to provide fund administration services including accounting, tax and registry services.

In addition to being able to offer a suite of services for investment managers, we can provide access to a number of managed investment schemes that qualify as “complying investments”. You may meet the requirements of your Significant Investor Visa by investing in these funds.

Please contact us should you be seeking to establish a Significant Investor Visa compliant managed investment scheme or would like to find out more.