Responsible Entity – What is it?

A Responsible Entity has the dual role of trustee and manager of an investment scheme, and must be appointed if an investment scheme needs to be registered.

The Responsible Entity must be an Australian public company, with certain levels of net tangible assets, depending on the value of the scheme’s assets.

When acting on behalf of an investment scheme, the Responsible entity must:

  • Act honestly
  • Exercise a reasonable degree of care and diligence
  • Act in the best interest of members of the investment scheme
  • Treat all investment scheme members equally

As a Responsible Entity, One Investment Group can help ensure the other requirements of a registered investment scheme are complied with. Including;

  • Establishment of a constitution
  • Creating and monitoring a compliance plan
  • Registration of the Scheme

One Investment Group will help ensure compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements, manage reporting, accounting, and back-office services.