RE for Hire

If you are looking for a Responsible Entity (RE) for Hire, One Investment Group can provide the services you need.

One Investment Group maintains four entities which are authorised under Australian Financial Service Licences to act as a Responsible Entity for registered managed investment schemes.

Acting as a RE for Hire, One Investment Group can offer a full range of services to your managed investment scheme, including:

  • Scheme registration with ASIC
  • Drawing up offer documents
  • Putting together and monitoring scheme compliance plans
  • Supervision of investment decisions
  • Adherence to legislation and regulatory requirements
  • Custody services
  • Engagement and monitoring of external service providers
  • Back-office services including;
    • Scheme administration
    • Accounting
    • Unit registry
    • Portfolio valuation
    • Unit holder reporting

There are many legislative and regulatory requirements surrounding the administration of a registered investment scheme, such as the development of a compliance plan and the necessity of annual financial audits. One Investment Group has extensive experience in acting as responsible entity, for schemes managing a range of asset classes, and are the smart choice when you are looking for a RE for Hire.