Our Team

Our Team

One Investment Group distinguishes itself by employing highly proficient personnel with multifaceted and deep experience in the financial services industry. One Investment Group is comprised of in excess of 70 staff with experience in:

Funds Management

Risk Management

Investor Relations


Regulatory & Compliance





Our executive team have a minimum of 15 years’ financial services experience. The profiles below offer a brief insight into the history and skills of a number of our key personnel:

  • Justin Epstein

    Justin Epstein

    Executive Director

  • Frank Tearle

    Frank Tearle

    Executive Director

  • Bevan Jaensch

    Bevan Jaensch

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Sarah Wiesener

    Sarah Wiesener

    Director, Legal and Compliance

  • Peter Howe

    Peter Howe

    Operations Director

  • Steven Marsh

    Steven Marsh

    Operations Director

  • Graham Hook

    Graham Hook

    Operations Director

  • Lynne Rando

    Lynne Rando

    Operations Manager

  • Dimple Gandhi

    Dimple Gandhi

    Operations Manager

  • Sri Pillai

    Sri Pillai

    Compliance Director

  • Michael Sutherland

    Michael Sutherland

    Managing Director, Corporate Trust

  • Carmella Wilson

    Carmella Wilson

    Manager, Corporate Trust

  • Sudhamoy Hazra

    Sudhamoy Hazra

    Head of Operations, Corporate Trust

  • Chris Morpeth

    Chris Morpeth

    Head of Custody, Corporate Trust

  • Aideen Hennessy

    Aideen Hennessy

    Manager, Corporate Trust

  • Michael Greenaway

    Michael Greenaway

    Manager, Corporate Trust

  • Michael Glatter

    Michael Glatter

    Managing Director, Registry Services

  • Carolyn Tsung

    Carolyn Tsung

    Legal Counsel