NSW Government removes $1.5 million dollar Waratah Bond investment requirement from SIV programme

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The NSW Government has announced the removal to its Significant Investor Visa (SIV) requirement to invest a minimum of $1.5 million dollars in Waratah Bonds as part of a SIV nomination to reside in NSW. NSW Treasurer said that from 1 September, applicants seeking NSW nomination will be able to invest 100 percent of their funds in complying investments of their choice.

“Nominations will no longer be tied to a minimum investment in NSW Waratah Bonds,” Mr Stoner said. Previously under the Significant Investor Visa regime, applicants wishing to nominate NSW as their sponsoring state were required to invest a minimum of $1.5 million dollars into NSW government Treasury Waratah Bonds, the proceeds of which the Government had stated would be used to fund future infrastructure development for the benefit of NSW taxpayers.

The NSW treasurer added in his announcement that “To make it easier for investors, and to give them more choice, the NSW Government is removing the requirement to invest a minimum amount in Waratah Bonds. From 1 September, overseas investors considering NSW nominations will be able to choose how to invest every dollar of their complying investment.”

For those fund managers offering complying investments to SIV investors this announcement will provide additional investment flows and allow investors to potentially invest in higher returning investments than the low risk but also low return NSW government waratah bonds.

How Can One Investment Group Help?

One Investment Group is a corporate trustee business that works with fund managers to launch and manage SIV compliant funds marketed to investors seeking to invest their $5 million investment as part of the Significant Investor Visa regime.

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