Stamford Kingsgrove Property Trust

The Stamford Kingsgrove Property Trust (the Fund) was established in 2014 to acquire an industrial property located at 26 Commercial Road, Kingsgrove NSW (the Property).

The purpose of the Fund is to provide an investment return through the purchase, holding, possible rezoning and sale or development of the Property. The manager, Stamford Capital Australia Pty Ltd forecasted that passing income from the Property would sufficiently cover holding costs and provide modest distributions to unit holders.

One Asset Management AR Pty Ltd is the trustee and custodian of the Fund and members of the One Investment Group provide fund administration and registry services to the Fund.

Key features of the Fund include:

  • Distributions paid quarterly; and
  • Initial investment term of 5 years.

Key features of the Property include:

  • Located approximately 6km from Sydney Airport and 12km south-west of Sydney CBD in Kingsgrove, a largely residential area which includes a local centre and a large light industrial area. The property sits on the southern side of the M5 and approximately 200m from Kingsgrove station;
  • The Property has been improved by a 3 storey light industrial office and warehouse building; and
  • Occupied by two tenants.