Sun Label Property Fund

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the Sun Label Property Fund investment opportunity.

The Trust is a property development equity financing real estate investment trust (REIT) called Sun Label Property Fund (the Trust).

The Trust is an open-ended REIT established for the purpose of providing investors with the potential for income returns.

The Trust will invest in the developer’s real estate development projects from time to time. Current examples of the developer’s projects are residential developments located in Manly, Cremorne and Carlingford (please refer to the Information Memorandum for further details). The Trust offers investors who believe in an investment opportunity offering simplicity, transparency and long term stability – an opportunity to invest into premium property assets without the hassles and responsibilities of direct ownership.

It is intended that the Trust will be a complying investment for the purposes of the Australian Significant Investor Visa legislation. The investments will aim to achieve, but not guarantee, a net return of 8% on an annualised basis before tax (after all fees and costs).

The Trust is an unregistered wholesale Australian unit trust and the units on offer are available to wholesale clients only.

Please note that the First Closing Date was extended by the Trustee to 21 December 2016.