Realm Cash Plus Fund

Realm Cash Plus Fund

The Realm Cash Plus Fund ARSN 622 892 844 (Fund) offers an opportunity for investors to participate in a registered managed investment scheme which provides access to a portfolio of fixed income assets acquired and managed by an experienced investment team, Realm Investment Management Pty Ltd ACN 158 876 807 (Investment Manager). The Investment Manager is a corporate authorised representative (number 424705) of Realm Pty Ltd ACN 155 984 955, AFS Licence number 421336.

The Fund’s primary emphasis is to invest in a portfolio of Australian and New Zealand originated debt securities issued by major banks, their subsidiaries and other authorised deposit taking institutions which could be denominated in currencies other than the Australian and NZ dollar. The Fund will invest in debt instruments issued by the following Authorised Deposit-taking Institutions and corporate issuers:

  • ANZ & its subsidiaries
  • CBA & its subsidiaries
  • NAB & its subsidiaries
  • Westpac & its subsidiaries
  • Corporate Debt issuers
  • Secured Funding and Securitised Debt
  • Cash & Negotiable Certificate of Deposits
  • Other Australian and New Zealand Deposit-taking Institutions which the Investment Manager considers reputable

The Investment Manager’s approach for the Fund embraces the philosophy that best practice management combines a complete top down assessment of key macro and regulatory drivers supported by a bottom up process which provides a ground level market view of issuers and their markets. As part of the investment process the Realm Investment Team considers environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues.

You can download a copy of the Product Disclosure Statement (including the Applications Form) and Additional PDS Disclosure from the right hand side of this page.

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