Holon Photon Fund

The investment manager for the Holon Photon Fund is Holon Global Asset Management Pty Ltd ACN 629 590 585 that is a wholly owned subsidiary of Holon Global Investments Limited ACN 129 237 592.

Holon is a global equities manager focussed on innovation and investor aligned wealth management. Established in 2018, Holon brings together a team of experienced investment and business professionals and is committed to growing the wealth of Australians through intelligent and responsible investing.

We believe that Australians are structurally underweight investment and exposure to innovation in the global economy as it sits outside traditional investment parameters.

The Holon Photon Fund provides wholesale and retail investors with diversified exposure to businesses taking advantage of global innovation, particularly digital innovation, that are scalable and have strong competitive advantage – investing where the world is going.

The Holon Photon Fund’s geographical and sectoral diversification lowers the concentration risk inherent in the typical Australian portfolio, with its heavy skew toward banks, resources and the Australian dollar, and presents new investment opportunities in global innovation.

The Fund’s investment objective is to outperform major global equity indices, in particular the MSCI AC World Net Index in Australian dollars (Benchmark), over rolling seven-year periods (after fees and expenses but before taxes) by focusing on shares listed on the ASX and other global exchanges benefiting primarily from technological innovation. The Fund will not invest in derivatives, sell-short or borrow money to invest.

Additional information about the Fund can be found on the Fund’s website.

Should you have any queries, please contact us on enquiries@oneinvestment.com.au or call us on (02) 8277 0000.