Opterre Capital Fund

The Opterre Capital Fund (the Fund) is an unregistered managed investment scheme established to invest in loans secured by mortgages and other securities.

The current regulatory landscape has caused banks to revise lending policies and significantly restrict lending in the property industry. Tightening of credit policies such as requiring additional equity and pre-commitments from property developers have given rise to demand for alternative funding solutions. This presents an opportunity for non-bank lenders to finance good projects at premium interest rates to earn a superior return relative to risk.

The objective of the Fund is to deliver strong and reliable returns in respect of loan units, to preserve capital, and to provide the opportunity for investors to access a choice of investment options through a professionally managed contributory fund structure. Investors can therefore appropriately tailor their investment to their personal risk and return appetite.

The core focus is on fixed-term loans which will primarily finance property development projects and property debt. Loans targeted will generally have 6 to 18 month terms and offer varying risk-return profiles, including senior debt loans, preferential equity loans, stretch senior debt loans and distressed debt loans.

The Manager

Opterre Capital Pty Ltd (the Manager) is the Fund’s investment manager. The Manger’s key strength is the complementary property and finance skills and experience of the executive directors and credit board, relevant to the target asset class, ensuring projects are assessed and managed with consideration to all risk factors. The Manager will also co-invest in each investment opportunity.

The trustee of the Fund is One AR Pty Ltd and members of One Investment Group provide registry, custody and administration services to the Fund.

Should you have any queries, please contact us on [email protected] or call us on (02) 8277 0000.


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