Northern Territory Infrastructure Development Fund

The Northern Territory Infrastructure Development Fund (the Fund) was established to invest in a diversified portfolio of infrastructure projects that support the long-term economic growth and development of the Northern Territory in Australia.

Over the 10 year term, the Fund aims to generate an appropriate risk-adjusted commercial returns and create revenue as well as essential infrastructure and jobs in the Northern Territory by investing in a diversified portfolio of projects such as roads, schools, hospitals and agriculture. In certain circumstances, which will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, the Fund may also invest in projects outside the Northern Territory, such as linking projects with other Australian states.

The Northern Territory Government has invested $200m as the financial cornerstone investor, and seeks to raise an additional $800m from other Australian and overseas investors. Despite the Government’s investment, the Fund will be independently managed by Infrastructure Capital Group (the Manager) to eliminate any exposure and risk to Northern Territory taxpayers.

The Manager of the Fund is an Australian mid-market infrastructure investment management firm with over 16 years’ experience and over $1,600m funds under management. The Manager specialises in the origination and investment management of equity investments in infrastructure and utility, and has been appointed because of their proven track record of investment in successful and effective infrastructure projects including regulated assets, utilities, renewable energy, transportation assets and public-private partnerships.

One Funds Management Limited is the Trustee of the Fund and members of One Investment Group provide registry and administration services to the Fund. For more information, please visit the Fund’s website.

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