Lakehouse Capital Pty Ltd

Lakehouse Capital ACN 614 957 603 is a Sydney-based funds management business launched and wholly owned by the Motley Fool Australia Pty Ltd (ACN 146 988 052).

Lakehouse Capital is the investment manager of two unlisted managed funds: the Lakehouse Global Growth Fund and the Lakehouse Small Companies Fund.

The Lakehouse Global Growth Fund concentrates on investing in some of the world’s best and most innovative, mid to large capitalisation businesses with expected long-term growth, that are listed in developed markets. The Fund may also invest in companies that are listed in emerging markets or have smaller capitalisation, subject to those companies meeting Lakehouse Capital’s investment criteria.

The Lakehouse Small Companies Fund concentrates on small, fast-growing companies across Australia and New Zealand. The Fund may also invest in IPOs, pre-IPOs, and institutional placements.

Lakehouse Global Growth Fund

Lakehouse Small Companies Fund