Lakehouse Small Companies Fund

The Lakehouse Small Companies Fund invests in fast growing small companies listed in Australia and New Zealand. They’re not companies that most investors would’ve typically heard of. They’re much smaller, aren’t as widely followed, and have much more potential upside.

We’re also believers in backing our best ideas by running a concentrated strategy. The Fund will typically hold 15 to 30 high-conviction investments at a time, as we see little appeal in putting capital behind a 31st best investment idea.

Contributing to our mindset is: 1) our long-term time horizon, and 2) that very few companies meet our high standards. We also prefer to know our companies very well which better suits a concentrated strategy.

We consider the Fund’s divergence from the benchmark a positive as it is driven by our emphasis on quality and growth plus a willingness to take high-conviction positions. More specifically, at the position level the Fund is searching for companies that present the following characteristics:

  • Strong positions in growing markets.
  • Pricing power with customers and suppliers.
  • Durable competitive advantages grounded in; scale, strong brands, network effects, or high customer switching costs.
  • Aligned and experienced management teams with strong track records of capital allocation.
  • Conservative balance sheets.
  • Attractive valuations that afford upside to our estimate of fair value.

The Fund will typically hold 5% to 15% of its capital in cash, depending on the Investment Manager’s opinion of the prevailing opportunity set, and may hold up to 10% of its capital in unlisted companies expected to IPO within 12 months.

The fund’s objective is to outperform the S&P/ASX Small Ordinaries Accumulation Index over rolling 5-year periods.

Lakehouse Capital is a Sydney-based boutique fund manager focused on two concentrated, high conviction growth strategies.

Name: Lakehouse Small Companies Fund (ARSN 615 265 864)

Available to: Investors in Australia & New Zealand

Investment Universe: ASX- & NZX-listed smaller companies

Liquidity: Weekly applications & redemptions

Benchmark: S&P/ASX Small Ordinaries Accumulation Index

Minimum Investment: $100,000. (Closed to new direct investors)

Structure: Retail Unit Trust. Open-ended Fund for retail and wholesale investors

Responsible Entity:  One Managed Investment Funds Limited (ACN 117 400 987) (AFSL 297042)

Portfolio Manager: Joe Magyer

Contact: [email protected] (02) 8294 9800


Existing Investors: Adding to investment

To add to your investment simply BPAY the payment and Registry will confirm additional units in the Fund. No further action is required. Biller code: 261305.

As an existing investor you are able to make additional payments to top-up your investment in the Fund at any time. Existing investors who make additional payments via BPAY (using their investor profile ID number as the reference) do NOT need to fill out an application form. To add to your investment simply BPAY the payment and Registry will confirm additional units in the Fund.

Click here for more detail and step-by-step instructions, including where to find your investor profile ID number. *BPAY only payment assumes no changes to the beneficial owner.

Got questions about the application form? Registry are available to help! Contact at: [email protected] or (02) 8188 1510.

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