One Cash Management Fund

The One Cash Management Fund (the Fund) was established with the objective of providing investors with:

  • a high level of security of capital
  • a market-competitive interest return
  • access to funds at call

The Fund invests solely in deposits with a number of Australian Authorised Deposit Institutions. While assets such as these are not guaranteed, they are regarded as one of the most secure asset classes.

The Fund is suitable for Investors seeking:

  • An extremely competitive rate of return calculated daily and paid monthly
  • A conservative, diversified and liquid portfolio
  • Minimal initial deposit of $10,000
  • Quick access to your funds
  • No entry, exit or withdrawal fees

Since inception (December 2010), the Fund has delivered investors an annualised premium after fees in excess of 0.7% over the Reserve Bank of Australia Cash Rate. Please refer to the table below which compares the Fund’s historical performance after fees against the Reserve Bank of Australia Cash Rate:

The Cash Management Fund is only available to Australian resident wholesale clients within the meaning of section 761G of the Corporations Act 2001. Wholesale clients can obtain a copy of the Offering Memorandum by downloading it from the right hand side of this page. The Offering Memorandum includes an Application Form and a Redemption Form.

Investors should review the Fund’s Offering Memorandum in its entirety before deciding to make an application. If, after reading the Offering Memorandum, you are unclear in relation to any matter or if you have any questions about the Fund, you should contact your accounting, tax, financial or other professional advisor.  Historical performance is no guarantee of future performance.