Inno Quantum Global Alpha Fund

The Inno Quantum Global Alpha Fund (the Fund) is an open ended unregistered fund for wholesale investors, which will seek to capture returns from investing in global equities, foreign exchange contracts, commodity linked derivatives, other global investment vehicles and cash. The Fund may also trade in OTC derivatives. The objective for the Fund is to seek positive total return, and provide long-term capital growth through trading in mature and liquid financial markets.

Inno Quantum Capital Management Pty Ltd (Inno) has been appointed as the investment manager to the Fund. Inno is a quantitative based fund manager with core strengths in Fintech technologies and independently developed quantitative investment models.

Generally, Inno is not targeting any particular asset allocation as between the various markets and financial assets the Fund may invest in. Inno believes it is important to maintain maximum flexibility to enable it to adapt to changing market conditions.

Inno invests the Fund’s assets in accordance with certain internal investment guidelines, which are part of its investment strategy for the Fund. These guidelines may specify, among other things, the maximum short and long gross exposure limits and the gross exposure limit of the whole portfolio.

Inno uses statistics, mathematical models and computer technologies to identify consistent investment opportunities from large volumes of historical data. Strategies identified by quantitative models are implemented through programmed algorithm trading and its uniquely designed IT platform.

Inno will employ algorithm-programmed trading to ensure precise execution of the underlying quantitative strategy.

The Fund is denominated in USD.

Additional Information

The Investment Manager aims to provide Investors with an annual distribution. The Fund may utilise leverage through borrowing and the use of margin financing from prime brokers.

The Offer is only available to persons who qualify as wholesale clients (as defined in section 761G(7) of the Act) or sophisticated investors (as defined in section 761GA of the Act) (collectively, Qualifying Investors).

Should this be of interest, please read the Information Memorandum available on the right hand side of this page and if you wish to invest please complete the application form.


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