Indigenous Prosperity Fund - Cash Fund

The Indigenous Prosperity Fund – Cash Fund (the Fund) was established to provide eligible Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander investors the opportunity to invest alongside Indigenous Business Australia in a diversified range of Australian bonds, cash and short-term debt securities.

The Fund aims to preserve capital, minimise volatility of returns and achieve a return that exceeds CPI by 0.10% per annum over rolling seven year periods.

To achieve these returns, the Fund targets investments including Australian bonds, cash and short-term securities with a maturity of 6 months or less and a credit exposure in the range of A- through to AAA. The Fund will have no exposure to growth assets such as shares.

The investment manager of the Funds is IBA Asset Management (the Manager), a wholly owned subsidiary of Indigenous Business Australia. In conjunction with the Indigenous Prosperity Fund – Growth Fund and the Indigenous Prosperity Fund – Income Fund, this Fund allows investors the opportunity to tailor their investments according to their desired risk and return appetites. The Manager sets the overall strategic direction and investment strategies of each of the Funds, guided by its principles of diversification, research and active management, to achieve a practical and long-term investment solution.

In addition to seeking financial returns, the Manager actively encourages external stakeholders to create mutual respect and understanding, employment, training and supply chain outcomes for Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders.

One Managed Investment Funds Limited is the trustee of the Fund and members of One Investment Group also act as registrar and administrator for the Fund. For additional information, please visit the Fund’s website.

Should you have any queries, please contact us on [email protected] or call us on (02) 8277 0000.