DirectMoney Personal Loan Fund

The DirectMoney Personal Loan Fund ARSN 602 325 628 (the Fund) has been established to invest into a portfolio of fixed rate unsecured personal loans originated by Wisr Finance Pty Ltd (Wisr).

The objective of the Fund is to provide investors with monthly income and a return higher than the return paid by banks on basic savings and term deposit products.

Wisr is a new entrant to the Australian marketplace lending landscape. Through its web-based technology, Wisr is able to offer borrowers more attractive interest rates than what is available from banks.

The Fund effectively brings together borrowers with investors. The Fund’s investors’ money is pooled and invested in a portfolio of fixed rate, unsecured personal loans. Unlike peer-to-peer lending businesses, the Fund allows investors to gain exposure to a portfolio of personal loans, rather than being exposed to a single loan.

The Fund is a registered Managed Investment Scheme. Wisr Investment Management Pty Ltd is the Investment Manager and One Managed Investment Funds Limited has been appointed as responsible entity of the Fund.

Wisr’s executive team has significant relevant experience in the financial services sector including lending, funds management, information technology and regulatory compliance. Please visit the Wisr website at for more information.

Please note that investing in the Fund is not without risk and you may lose some or all of your investment. As responsible entity we urge you to read the PDS thoroughly. You should obtain independent advice before deciding whether or not to invest into the Fund. If you decide to invest in the Fund, then we look forward to welcoming you as an Investor.