Denning Pryce Tailored Income Fund

Denning Pryce Tailored Income Fund

One Managed Investment Funds Limited ABN 47 117 400 987 is the responsible entity of the Denning Pryce Tailored Income Fund ARSN 169 907 948 (Fund) and the holder of AFS Licence number 297042.

The Fund offers an opportunity for investors to participate in a managed investment scheme which holds a portfolio of securities managed by Denning Pryce Pty Limited ABN 67 116 639 251 (Investment Manager). The Investment Manager is the holder of Australian AFS Licence 298851.

The Investment Manager has been operating since 2006 and has an experienced investment team.

The Fund invests in a portfolio of leading Australian shares, equity indices and their options.

The Fund’s main objective is to provide consistent positive total returns with less volatility than the share market over 5 to 7 year periods. Further, the Fund aims to pay quarterly distributions within a target range of 4% to 6% per annum.

The Investment Manager makes active decisions and aims to diversify the Fund holdings across industry sectors. The Investment Manager applies a variety of share and option strategies which they match to market conditions. This activity serves to reduce and control equity risk and to lower the volatility of the portfolio. The investment process acts to improve returns and deliver consistent quarterly distributions.

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Unit Price (NAV) as at 10 April 2017:

Class A – Institutional: 0.9788
Class B – Wholesale: 1.0756
Class C – Retail: 0.9706