What are Trustee Services?

Trustee corporations can provide a wide range of financial services to individual, family and corporate clients. Trust services can include:

Traditional trustee company services

  • Wealth protection and transfer
    • estate planning
    • writing wills
    • acting as executor of deceased estates
    • establishing and administering personal trusts
    • preparing and administering Powers of Attorney
  • Protecting vulnerable members of the community, by acting as guardian or financial manager, usually under Court or Tribunal order, for persons unable to look after their own affairs, including minors and the intellectually-disabled
  • Administering charitable trusts and foundations, including for medical research, galleries, museums, and education scholarships

Other personal business

  • trustee or administrator for small superannuation funds
  • providing tax advice and preparing tax returns
  • financial planning

Funds management, offering most types of unit trusts and common funds

Corporate activities, including:

  • registry operations
  • custodial services
  • trustee for debenture and convertible note issues
  • securitisation facilities
  • compliance monitoring
  • trustee or administrator for retail superannuation funds

One Investment Group operates a number of Australian Financial Services Licenses which authorise its subsidiaries to offer trustee services. Should you be interested in the provision of any trustee services, please do not hesitate to contact us.