JB High Alpha Retail Fund

The Fund is an Australian registered managed investment scheme, governed by the Constitution.

The Responsible Entity is the responsible entity of the Fund and has appointed the Investment Manager to manage the investments.

All service providers are professional Australian providers on whom the Responsible Entity has conducted due diligence, appointed on terms that are at least arms’ length (including the terms of appointment of any related parties).

The Fund has an absolute return global macroeconomic focused strategy seeking to exploit long and short mis-pricings in global markets. The focus is on exposure to major developed markets.

The Fund aims to generate moderate to high portfolio appreciation over the medium to long-term, which has low correlation with equities, fixed-rate bonds, and property markets, from a range of liquid investments identified through the Investment Manager’s active asset-selection process.

The Fund will seek returns regardless of market direction.

The Fund has a focus on an actively managed portfolio of exchange-traded futures and options. The Fund may also invest directly in equities listed in Australia and offshore on leading exchanges, and can hold relatively large cash exposures.

The Fund has exposure to a range of economic and other risks which can impact on returns, but seeks to maintain a diversity of quality investments in deeply liquid markets, with the goal of reducing risk and volatility (or the variability of returns).

The Responsible Entity will give prior notice of material changes in investment strategy.



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